Hospitality Invest


Hotelogique, is the management arm of Hospitality Ventures International Ltd, and focuses on consultancy and management of hospitality projects.

Our scope and core offering to the Made In Malta / Made in Gozo project is firstly to support on the feasibilities and projections of any project that investors would be evaluating, be it from a small guest house to a hotel. Our service would then extend to the Technical services of the development phase of the project ( if it applies ) and finally to the management of such a project, thus we see our role as a long term service.

The management would entail operations, sales, marketing and other support on behalf of the investors/owners for the project in case, a form of extensive asset management, that would ultimately focus on the best Return of investment.

Additionally, we can offer other services to hotels on a consultancy basis ( revenue management, training, change management, audits and assessments).


One example of a client that benefits from such service can be viewed on

This is a foreign owned property, converted into a luxury accommodation project which we manage on behalf of the owners.